Fighting Lissencephally: Harmony’s Story


  Fighting Lissencephally In 2009 my third child Harmony, was born. However, 6 months later was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Lissencephally. This condition is also known as smooth brain. It is called this because the last layer of her brain did not fully develop. This severe brain malformation causes what is known […]

FAQ: Can Palmetto Harmony Make You Fail a Drug Test?

cbd drug test

CBD Drug Test “Can I fail a drug test on CBD?” “Should I worry about the results of a CBD drug test?” Palmetto Harmony produces CBD oil, a product that could potentially make you fail a drug test. Here at Palmetto Harmony we make no claims that you will pass a urine test without an incident. […]

Most frequently asked question: Is Palmetto Harmony legal?

most frequently asked question palmetto harmony legal

FAQ Is Palmetto Harmony legal? Linked below are key legislation pieces and a ninth circuit court case that was ruled on in 2004. The court case proves that hemp and any naturally occurring derivative of hemp THC or CBD is NOT a schedule 1 drug. It is also not a part of the Controlled Substance […]