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Born From A Mother’ Love: A New Chapter of Harmony®

Born From A Mother's Love: A New Chapter of Harmony®

In March of 2015, we officially opened our doors to the public, and Palmetto Harmony was born. This date marks the beginning of our company, but our story always begins with Harmony.

Harmony’s story began on May 27, 2009… the day she came into the world to change our lives for the better. Harmony was born with lissencephaly (also known as “smooth brain”), a genetic condition that produces a multitude of seizures considered untreatable by modern medicine. As Harmony’s mom, I quickly changed my career and life path in order to help Harmony. It became my mission to improve her quality of life, reduce her number of seizures, and lower her pharmaceutical intake- no matter what it took.

One thing led to another, and I discovered that hemp CBD was the most effective way of treating Harmony’s seizures and in giving her the quality of life she deserves. But I didn’t want it to stop there… I wanted to share this amazing plant with other families that were searching for relief.

Originally, I called the company “Palmetto Harmony” after South Carolina (The Palmetto State) where Harmony was born, and of course, after Harmony herself. But I’ve always kown I wanted something more personal… something that was more focused on Harmony.

I’m excited to reveal that I have been hard at work behind the scenes the past few years to give Harmony the honor she deserves. Honoring Harmony has been my mission through this entire process, because she is the reason this all started. 

But Harmony means more than just the name of my amazing daughter. Harmony is the feeling we want to deliver to our customers when they experience relief from our products. Harmony is the vision and the mission behind our brand. We want everyone who uses our products to experience harmony.

When I chose Harmony’s name, little did I know the weight and power her name would carry. She has truly been the harmony in our lives, and now, she spreads that harmony to others. That’s why, in early 2020, I was able to secure Harmony’s name alone as the name and trademark for our business. The Palmetto Harmony journey has been incredible, but I’ve known I wanted to make this change from the very beginning. 

As expected, there were endless hurdles and obstacles throughout the actual process of obtaining Harmony’s name as the trademark. It’s been years in the making, but we pushed through, and we’ve done it! Harmony’s name and our love for this special girl have made it all possible. 

Our story will always begin and end with Harmony. For this reason, I could not be more excited to introduce Harmony® CBD: Born from a Mother’s love.

Our New Look!

You may have noticed that something is a little… different around here as we say goodbye to the name Palmetto Harmony, and saying hello to our next chapter: Harmony® CBD!

Harmony is the feeling we want to deliver to you, our customers, when you experience relief from our products. Harmony is the vision and the mission behind our brand.  We cannot wait to continue providing you the same hemp CBD products that you know and love. Our story will always begin and end with Harmony. 

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