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Subscribe & Save: 30% OFF Recurring Orders

Save on all the products you order regularly! Set up automatic reorders to receive 30% OFF your initial purchase and all subsequent automatic reorders!

How does it work?

Log into your Harmony CBD account and add any participating products to your cart after selecting the “Subscribe & Save” option from the product page. During this selection, select how frequently you would like to reorder this product (You can change this reorder date at any time from your account page).

You will automatically receive 30% off your purchase, for both this initial purchase as well as the subsequent automatic reorders.

Coupon codes are not able to be used with Subscribe & Save orders (initial orders nor reorders).


How do I edit my saved card information?

While signed in, click on “My Account” at the top of the site in the main navigation bar. From this menu, select “Payment Methods.”

Here you can save your credit card to be selected for use in your scheduled order. You must have a credit card saved here and selected in your scheduled order for it to be processed on the reorder date.

If no card is selected, the order will fail and will not be shipped out.

How do I edit my reorders?

While signed in, click on “My Account” at the top of the site in the main navigation bar. From this menu, select “Scheduled Orders” to find and edit all the information about your current scheduled orders.  Here you can:

  • Change the date of your next reorder.
  • Change how often your reorder takes place. Adjustable by days, weeks, months or specific days of the month.
  • Change quantities of reorder products.
  • Add new products to your reorder.
  • Select payment information from saved cards.
  • Pause your reorder for reactivation later.
  • Cancel your reorder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribe & Save is a feature we implemented to as a way to help our customers by giving them an easy way to set up automatic reorders while also saving on each of those orders.

Many of our customers order products on a fixed interval, once a month, once every two months, etc. Now they can set up their reorders automatically while saving 30% of what they would normally spend on each. By placing a Subscribe & Save order, the customer will pay for the order and it will be processed/shipped next business day, like any regular purchase. The difference is that a reorder will be automatically scheduled based on the customers selection when they add the item to the cart.

Reorders are on intervals set by the customer and are adjustable at any time. Pick what works best for you and we will handle the rest. When its time for your reorder, your card will be charged and we will process the order next business day. All without you having to lift a finger!

You must be logged into your account to see these options.

If you do not have an account you can register for free here.

Subscribe & Save products can be added to your cart from their product page. Under the product options, there will be an option for "One-Time Purchase" or "Subscribe & Save." Select the subscribe and save button (discounted price will not be reflected on the product page) and click the "Add to Cart" button to place it into the cart.

Add any other products you would like on this subscription the same way and head to the cart page.

From here you can change products from one-time purchases to subscriptions and visa-versa. If you make changes, press the "Update Cart" button to reflect those changes.

Proceed with the checkout like any other purchase and your  order will be placed. This order will be processed next business day like a regular purchase and the reorder will be automatically scheduled based on your selected month interval.

You can! Just navigate to your account page as show above and you can create a scheduled order from scratch. Before creating it, make sure you save your card information under the "Payment Methods" option on the account page.

You will need to select your saved card as the payment method for the scheduled order for it to be processed. If a card is not saved and selected for the reorder, it will not be processed on the selected date.

For scheduled orders created at checkout, users may select their preferred shipping method for the initial order. Any future orders under $99 that are automatically created through your schedule will be charged a flat rate of $5.99 and shipped via USPS.

Any orders over $99 will receive free shipping at checkout. Scheduled orders over $99 will automatically receive free shipping for each recurring order.

You can adjust your scheduled order at any time before the reorder date from the "My Account" menu.

While logged in, select "My Account" from the top of the site and select "Scheduled Orders."

Here you can see and edit all the details of your current scheduled orders.

Unfortunately, no coupons can be used with Subscribe & Save products. This goes for both initial purchases and reorders.

Since your card will automatically be charged at time of reorder, we do require you to have an active account. This is also necessary to give you control over your future reorders.

If you are not logged in, you will not be able to see Subscribe & Save options on neither the product page, nor the checkout page.

Your subscription can be canceled at any time before the reorder day. Your card will be automatically charged on the reorder day for the total. If you need to make changes, please make sure to do it before that date.

Changes and cancellations can be made from the "Scheduled Orders" option on the "My Account" page.