Frequently Asked


Simply add an item to your cart and hit the checkout button. You can also call the office at (843) 331-1246 to place an order.

There are a number of reasons why your order may come back failed or canceled. Please call the office for clarification if you get an error message you do not understand.

Orders are generally shipped out next business day, but can take up to 3 business days. All packages are shipped from the East Coast. Our goal is to fill each request promptly and cost-effectively. If you feel your order is taking too long to arrive please call or email us so we can find a solution.

To order to multiple addresses simply checkout an order for each address you wish to ship to. You will be charged for shipping.

You will receive an immediate confirmation email upon receipt of your order and another when it has shipped out. Tracking numbers are provided in your confirmation email.

You will receive an email at the address provided confirming your order and another to notify you that it has been shipped. If you do not receive either email, call the office or email [email protected]


Call the office or email [email protected] if you have this problem. We will be sure to resolve this issue.
We accept all major credit cards except for American Express.


You may need to reset your password. If you are having other trouble with your account or trouble with your password please email [email protected] or call the office at (843)331-1246.

No, you can place a guest order by simply leaving the check box under "Make and account" unmarked.

Yes, you can access your profile by clicking the “my account” link on the upper right side of the website.

If you are having account trouble, call the office at (843)331-1246 or email [email protected]


You will need to return the product within 7 days. You can contact us directly for further details, or read the return policy tab located at the bottom of the site.

If you are being shipped a replacement item, tracking numbers are provided to the email address you have provided us. If you do not have an email, call the office at (843)331-1246 to check the status of your replacement.

If you purchased a vape device (currently discontinued) from us and have problems, call within 30 days and we will replace it. If you have issues with cracked or broken bottles, please contact the office via phone or email immediately upon discovery. We will be able to ship out a replacement.

If you have a broken or damaged item, call as soon as it is discovered for a replacement. If you have a broken vape unit (currently discontinued), you have 30 days to return it. We also sell replacement vaporizer parts if any are broken or damaged after this time.


Tracking numbers are provided on the day your order has shipped out. Our cutoff time for same-day shipping is 11AM EST. All orders placed after this time will go out the following day.

We offer a variety of shipping options through USPS and FEDEX.

Currently we offer overnight shipping through FEDEX. The option will be available on the checkout screen.

It depends on the country. Call the office at (843)331-1246 or email [email protected] for more information.

If your item is undeliverable as addressed, you need to contact us so we can correct your address and get your order reshipped.


Estimated shipping times vary, please allow 5-7 business days to process orders although you may have faster shipping times than this.


You have 7 days to put in for a refund, 30 days for a broken vape unit. We sell replacement vape parts as well if needed, call the office to order at (843) 331-1246.
If this happens, please call the office and submit an email with a picture of your bank statement to [email protected]
We can offer a refund within 7 days of your purchase, or 30 days of your broken vape unit purchase. Please notify us immediately with any broken items.
We typically will remit a check for your refund, although electronic refunds are available in some circumstances.


On the homepage find the “Retail” tab, underneath that you will see “Retail application”. Complete the form, and it will be reviewed by our team. If approved you will receive an email with information on pricing.


No. All of Palmetto Harmony products are grown compliant with Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 – otherwise known as the Federal Farm Bill. All products were grown via a state-run pilot research program through the Agricultural Department and contain less than /3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in accordance with the Federal Governments definition of hemp defined in this Act. This legislation allowed for hemp to finally be grown in the United States instead of having to import it from overseas. Under this new law Hemp is legal to be sold nationally through retail outlets and online.

No. Palmetto Harmony is made from organic products that are free of harmful chemicals and fragrances. In the words of our Herbalist……”So clean you can eat them!”
MCT stands for “Medium Chain Troglycerides.” MCT Oil is a fractionated coconut oil that stays liquid at room temperature. It is also Ketogenic Diet Friendly.
Please refer to the label on the bottle for storage of each product or contact our office directly at (843) 331-1246.