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Palmetto Harmony Pricing Structure

Palmetto Harmony Pricing Structure

2019 Pricing Renovation

The new year is here and so is the new and improved Palmetto Harmony pricing structure! Palmetto Harmony has been working tirelessly for the past year to make our prices more manageable for our PH family and loyal storefronts. It has been a process, but we are finally able to lower prices.

The Beginning

Lets travel back to 2015, the first year Palmetto Harmony began producing products. Hemp was illegal to grow in South Carolina, therefore we were sourcing our hemp from two farms within the US. The farms were located in Kentucky and Colorado and allowed us to successfully produce products for years.


Fast forward to 2018. We were able to receive one of the twenty licenses to grow hemp in South Carolina. This was a huge step forward and we knew a price reduction would soon be possible. The plants took wonderfully to the humid wet conditions of South Carolina. As 2018 ended, our first grow season was successful and we were ready to move forward with the pricing renovation.

The Present

2019 has begun and we are entering our second grow season. Furthermore, Palmetto Harmony is proud to announce our lower prices to help give back to our loyal customer base as much as we can. The PH family has been waiting patiently and we are so thankful to have such supportive PH users behind us. Thank you.

Pricing Structure Explained

This price renovation is possible because we oversee our own grow and manufacture our own hemp. These prices will be available immediately.

  • Palmetto Harmony 100ml: $184.99
  • Palmetto Harmony 30ml: $79.99
  • Holy Cannacense: $34.99
  • Cannacense: $34.99
  • Psorian: $34.99
  • Palmetto Aura 30ml: $39.99
  • Palmetto Aura 15ml: $23.99
  • 60 Count Gel Caps: $89.99
  • 30 Count Gel Caps: $49.99

Thank You

Click here to check out the products at their new prices. If you have any questions please contact us by calling (843) 331 1246 or emailing [email protected]. Our business hours include Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Est. We encourage you to leave a review on your favorite product and let us know how you’re doing! Additionally, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletters by entering your email when you visit our website.

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