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Hemp Growers Conference and Expo in South Carolina

Hemp Growers Conference and Expo in South Carolina

Palmetto Harmony is proud to announce that Souther US Hemp Conference & Expo is hosting a three day Hemp Conference! The conference will be held November 26th-28th at the Hilton Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. In addition, the conference has confirmed over 50 exhibitors and a field day touring Palmetto Harmony’s various locations! Speakers will include leading hemp industry elites, state politicians, hemp farmers, and representation from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. They have a very exciting, and educational three days lined up for you and hope to see you there!

November 26th

The conference will kickstart on November 26th with a ‘State of the Hemp Union’ panel that will include speakers from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Moving further into the afternoon you will hear from Janel Ralph, founder and CEO of Palmetto Harmony with a Keynote speech. Janel will offer tips on how you can share your personal story so that you can become a change agent for this new agricultural commodity! The day will continue on with informational panels featuring guests Neal Baxley, a Seventh Generation Farmer, Chris Hudalla, founder and CEO of ProVerde Laboratories, and many more.

November 27th

Edgar Winters, founder and CEO of Winterfox Farms will lead on Tuesday, November 27th with a Keynote speech. Edgar was born in Alabama, and is one of the most experienced Hemp farmers alive. A Keynote speech featuring Doug Fine, Regenerative farmer, and bestselling author of Hemp Bound will move our day along. As the afternoon progresses, and the panels continue, your notepad pages will fill with all things hemp.

November 28th Field Day: Part 1

Palmetto Harmony’s roots are growing strong here in South Carolina thanks to the extraordinary entrepreneur, Janel Ralph. Janel has sculpted Palmetto Harmony into a business that grows, manufactures, wholesales and retails all PH products. Above all, she continues to save her daughters life and help many others along the way. The first part of the field day will be a tour of our grow facility for participants to see several high CBD genetics that are in production for next seasons fields. You will get a tour of our GMFP plant that extracts cannabinoids from the plant and the lab facility were we do R&D on new products. A tour of our packaging, bottling, shipping, and customer service/online sales marketing team will also be included.

November 28th Field Day: Part 2

The second part of the field day participants will be visiting the first Palmetto Harmony storefront located in historic downtown Conway. The Palmetto Harmony storefront is structured like an old apothecary store where the customer can see into the lab facility that is making products sold in the store. This is a very personal experience for people whose quality of life has improved through the use of Palmetto Harmony products.

Join Us!

We encourage all of you to join us at the first, annual Hemp Growers Conference and Expo. Palmetto Harmony is proud to be a sponsor and work with some of the industries leading! Most importantly, we want show our appreciation. Therefore, the first 20 people that make it to the Palmetto Harmony booth will receive 20% off! We can’t wait to see all of you there eager to learn all about the wonderful world of hemp! Thank you.

Conference and Expo Details:

When: November 26th-28th, 2018

Where: Hilton Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC

To view the schedule, click here.


3 thoughts on “Hemp Growers Conference and Expo in South Carolina”

  1. Hello just want to give you guys a well needed thank you ! You have changed my life I am off my pain meds of my RA meds and slowly weenieing my self off depression meds!
    The CDB oil was saved my life I can put my own socks on and I hope to get under 300 pounds to work again someday I would love to be apart of the process of crushing the chemical company’s that have destroyed all 30/s and
    my 40/s
    God blesss warm love and hugs for your company ! Love Judy

    1. Hello, Judy
      We are so happy to hear Palmetto Harmony is helping you! Thank you for your support, and if you need anything, give us a call!

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