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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

When working to obtain your ultimate health and wellness goals, sometimes you need a little help. It is imperative to live the life you desire, and discover your ultimate happiness. Finding a Palmetto Harmony product right for you, could be just what you need to obtain your goal and balance your health and wellness. From products like full spectrum hemp oils, to topicals, and even a vape line there are many options for you to discover!


By definition, health is the state of being free from illness or injury, as well as a person’s mental condition. Health and wellness are not synonyms, although they do work together. The line where health and wellness differ is drawn upon maintaining and reaching. Being in good health is a stage that we strive to reach. I use the term reach because the stages are endless. You can always enhance your health and reach for better. Wellness is a balance between many aspects we strive to maintain. Altering these aspects could cause you to compensate for that balance you have found. This is important because we often find ourselves in situations where we are asked if we are healthy. The question is do you feel healthy? This brings me to wellness.


Being aware of your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual state is a good way to understand wellness. Wellness is something many often confuse or interchange with health. In reality, these two topics are different. These six distinct states have to do with your lifestyle and finding your own personal balance within all of them. Wellness isn’t necessarily about sickness, but more so about how you feel and your well being. I will touch on the six states and how you can balance them within your own lifestyle.


The Six States

Your physical state has to do with your somatic characteristics. When you think physical, often times you think about what can be seen on the outside. This could be your hair, your height, even your clothes. These features can be things you wish to change, or features you love. There are many ways to balance this state. For example, set goals, exercise, evaluate priorities, eat healthy, be aware of your surroundings, etc. It is important to be comfortable and confident in your physical being.

Your emotional state could be described as your feelings such as, happiness, sadness, anxiety, anger, etc. Balancing these emotions can be difficult when work, friends, family, hormones, and other day to day events can impact this state. The key to finding balance in your emotions is getting to the root of the problem. For example, cut out negative energy, relax, take time for yourself, create a sleep schedule, etc. These activites could make you feel loads better and relieve stress.

Your intellectual state simply refers to knowledge, whether it be cultural, scholastic, or even political. The beauty of this state is the diversity in what intellectual values people everywhere find most useful to them. Learn information that is compelling to you, read a book, debate an issue, play a mind game, or even learn a foreign language. These are all ways to find an intellectual balance within yourself.

Your social state is who you interact with, and how you choose to internalize it. I say choose because ultimately, it is your choice. Every interaction you encounter with humans, animals, and even nature can be balanced. To do this, determine how those interactions make you feel. Avoiding every negative interaction in life isn’t possible, but making the choice to be positive is.

Your environmental state can be imapcted by where you live. From your street, to your town, to your country, and your planet. To balance this state you could volunteer at a local shelter, clean up your local parks, or even establish a relationship with nature. Even if you start small, you could have significant impact on not only your environmental state, but the world as well.

Your spiritual state is often referred to as experiencing purpose of life through your connectedness with self, art, music, literature, nature, and power greater than oneself. Finding balance in this state requires time to experience each of these things separately. Meditation, discovery, creation, listening, hiking, and praying are all ways one could connect with something they didn’t before.


Health and wellness may be different by definition, but go hand in hand. Your wellness can effect your health, just as health can effect your wellness. The key to balancing the two is about personal preference. No one’s process will be the same and that is okay! Wellness is about the steps you take to remain in good health. For example, your social interactions, vitamins, weekend hikes, meditation, even your relationship with nature. Take the steps appropriate for you and find harmony within your health and wellness.

6 thoughts on “Health and Wellness”

  1. I am an older woman of 69, have struggled with anxiety/depression since a young child. Was on a well-known drug for anxiety for about 15 years, very low dose, but realized I had become addicted to it. My doctor helped me get off the meds for which I am grateful, but I still experience anxiety/depression at times. Was wondering what kind of doses and which would be the preferred way to take the CBD oil?
    Thank you for any help you can give 🙂

    1. Conleigh Newsom

      Hello Kathy! If you would like to call the office we can give you a free consultation over the phone and help you out with your questions! 843-331-1246 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST.

    1. Conleigh Newsom

      Hi Karen, we provide labs on our products upon request so if you would like to give the office a call we can get all of those sent over to you! Thank you. (843) 331 1246

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