Harmony Original CBD Hemp Oil (100ml)

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Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade MCT and oil extracted from the hemp plant

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Our Harmony Original CBD Hemp Oil (formerly Palmetto Harmony Sublingual Oil) is our classic, unflavored, pure, organic, and simple hemp oil. Made with only two ingredients, MCT oil and hemp CBD, this organic extract contains a full-spectrum terpene profile. Made for sublingual use.


  • 2000mg of Hemp CBD per bottle, 20mg of Hemp CBD per ml
  • We grow, extract, produce, package, and ship 100% of our products
  • Made in South Carolina, USA
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Certified Glyphosate Residue-Free
  • Made with Full Spectrum hemp and no isolates 
  • NO artificial flavorings or additives
  • Lab results available

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil (coconut) and Organic hemp flower extract

This product contains coconut

For Optimal Results:

Fill the dropper or included syringe to your desired amount, drop under the tongue, and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing

  • Can also be used in coffee, tea, smoothies, water, or other beverages

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Our customer support team offers free consultations. Please call (843) 331-1246 to speak to our customer support team with any questions or for recommended dosing information.

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Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:

Organic MCT oil (coconut), Organic orange oil, Organic stevia extract powder

Contains Coconut

28 reviews for Harmony Original CBD Hemp Oil (100ml)

  1. Janet Morriss

    I have been taking CBD hemp oil for almost a month. I started taking it for leg spasms from MS. The leg spasms are much better. I have had days without any spasms. Other days I have had some but they are not nearly as intense and the duration is much shorter. I gave it 4 stars because I still have spasms but my head says it should be 5 because my quality of life has improved noticeable. I am more active then I have been in a long time. My quality of life is definitely better.

  2. Kara

    Best customer service. I ordered a small bottle of Palmetto Harmony approximately one month ago to help my child who has absence seizures. This product has been a life changer at our house. We are seeing many seizure free days and more energy. I just made my second order!

  3. David

    Have been using Palmetto Harmony for 3 months and have noticed an improvement in my overall mood and outlook. It really seems to also help with my newly discovered diabetic neuropathy. If I miss a couple of days due to travel I can feel the difference. Just bought a travel bottle as a backup. I look forward to the new Vape line coming out later this month.

  4. Susan

    Hi Janel hope you are well. In just 2 weeks, CBD oil has changed my son’s life…..and mine.
    My son started having tics, both motor and vocal around the age of 6. Started with tics like eye blinking, eye rolling, sniffing, coughing etc. around the age of 9 the tics increased in severity and frequency. He started shrugging his shoulders, snapping his arms back and head jerking. By the time he was 11 his pediatrician said it was time to see a neurologist and he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. From there things just got terrible. The tics were violent, and happened every few seconds. He developed complex tics like turning his whole upper body around while jerking his head back and forcefully coughing and his anxiety was through the roof and so was his pain. For the past 4 years he’s had a continuous headache along with pain in his neck, shoulders and back. He lost the ability to do the things he loved like karate, playing the guitar, bike riding etc. Eventually, the pain, which only made the tics worse, was so bad he couldn’t go to school anymore and we began homeschooling. I have taken him to dozens of specialists who just threw prescriptions at us. Some meds helped a little, very little but the pain was still unbearable and the tics and anxiety were still crippling. Also, the side effects from the meds where horrible, he was numb, exhausted and sleeping most of the time. We lived this way for years. He also has colitis, so his stomach has always been a mess regardless of all the meds, supplements and special diets we’ve tried……and we have tried EVERYTHING.

    Two weeks ago he started your CBD oil. After the first week, his headache and muscle pains had greatly diminished. Now, another week later, all his pain is gone, it’s really gone!! Headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain gone. His stomach pain from his colitis has also disappeared. But wait, there’s more…. Not only is he pain free, he has weaned himself off his pain meds, muscle relaxers and all his tic medications for the first time EVER! His tics have also lessened in severity and frequency, despite being off the medications and I expect they will keep getting better with time. He is like a different child, he’s happy, he’s alert, his brain is waking up being off his meds. He has tried weaning off his meds before but even lowering his medication by 1mg was enough to send him into a tic rage that would cause him to be bed ridden. This has been nothing short of a miracle. I’m getting to know my 14 year old for the first time and I am loving it. I’m in tears right now. I cannot thank you enough…..ever. I hope to meet you one day and give you the biggest hug in history. Your product has saved my baby’s life.
    I’d like to add that I have also been taking it for anxiety and muscle pain and it is working wonders on me as well. Thank you Janel, thank you so much ❤️

  5. Rebecca

    My mother has severe arthritis in her legs and back. I got this for her to try and she says it is the first thing to take away the pain. She is 92 and really doesn’t like to take meds nor is she a complainer. I mix it in applesauce for her. She definitely wants to continue using it.

  6. Yvonne

    An amazing oil! Within the 1st week of using Palmetto Harmony, Tristan was brighter, focused on us,began to speak,babble sentences, say new words. In the second week he was steadier on his feet & completed tasks, he put something away.
    He woke up yesterday morning & said Mama i see you! A beautiful sentence!
    He has gone 2days without a drop seizure & cant wait for the ull benefits to show when he it at his perfect dose. Thank you for this great product.

  7. Leslie

    My 13 year-old daughter Izzy has been taking PH for several months now. She has a neurodegenerative disease that is terminal. Your product has reduced her seizure frequency and duration. It has reduced her terrible generalize dystonia. It has reduced the need for emergency seizure/dystonia medications allowing her to be less sedated. In October she was weened completely off of one of her anti epileptic medications (that she has been on for 9 years) and she has “come back” to us. She is visually tracking us, smiling and being more present again! Truly a miracle for us. I cannot thank you enough!

  8. Fancie Phillips (verified owner)

    This was the best decision that I have ever made with regard to my 4 year old daughters treat for Epilepsy and neurological disorder. Since starting in June 2015, her seizures have all but diminished, her speech has improved as well as her all around quality of life. She is now able to live life rather than just going through the motions. The product is outstanding, as well as the customer service and company values.

  9. Sandee Carter (verified owner)

    This has been a lifesaver for me, I have PAD, as a result of surgery, I was on blood thiners, not anymore. I have never been able to take medication, so this is a wonderful product. My doctor agrees. Restores blood flow to my legs. Better all health, no more pain from walking. My husband uses for arthritis. No more cane. Great product.

  10. Samantha (verified owner)

    My daughter started Palmetto harmony at 3 months of age for epilepsy of unknown origin. Seizures were breaking through regardless of keppra dose. She would have seizures mostly in the evening and on December 2 we received our shipment and gave our first dose. Her seizures stopped that night! She has had 2 abnormal EEGs confirming the seizure activity and on 1/19/16 she had an 8 hour EEG that was completely clean! No seizure activity awake or asleep. I highly recommend palmetto harmony not only because it works, but the owner provided me with what to look for in an oil tips, third party lab work showing what is and is not in the oil, names of the plants and how they are grown. This allowed me to make and informed decision on what I was putting in my baby’s body and built a foundation of trust instantaneously. I could not be more thankful for what this oil has done for my little one!

  11. Michelle Magee (verified owner)

    I started taking the oil about ten months ago for Reiter’s Syndrome (reactive arthritis). I’ve had a kidney transplant (13 years post now) so cannot take any pain meds. I have pain everywhere. Some good days. Most not. Knee is really bad, or was. I was to the point when I started taking this back in May 2015, of hobbling instead of walking due to so much pain in my feet and knees. Two days after taking this, I could walk. So far my feet have stayed without much pain. I have noticed these past six weeks that my knee seems to be getting better. IDK if the oil is repairing cartlidge or if it’s just keeping the inflammation down but I am keeping track and having more good days (sometimes weeks at a time) then bad. I am only using .5ml twice a day too. I would recommend this for anyone with arthritis to try this. BTW I do take herbs for pain too, but this has made more of a difference of relief then anything I’ve tried. I’m hoping to get enough money to try the vape for my asthma soon…

  12. Jamie Goehring

    Read it or don’t, but it may change your mind on some things:
    On January 24th Devin suffered his third concussion of the season. Dr. Miller expected his recovery time to take between 8 months to an entire year. The headaches, the vision problems, a horrible time with reading, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, issues with computer screens, tiredness and a litany of other problems all began to manifest. Nearly every single day included either an early morning “Mom, can I please stay home from school?” or a mid-afternoon call to please pick him up.
    Realizing very early that this concussion could be the one that caused life-long issues I began researching alternative therapies for concussion treatment.
    There have been a number of studies done, one most notably by Dr. Grinspoon, a Harvard University Professor, which showed CBD oil to be one of the most effective forms of concussion therapies. CBD Oil has proven to be a huge neuroprotectant, so much so that he has began petitioning the NFL to begin using CBD as a commonplace therapy for NFL (and all major sports) players.
    Dr. Grinspoons’ research has been validated time and time again by a multitude of outside research facilities, each one proving the theory time and time again.
    So we took the leap and began Devin on a CBD Oil regimen. Each evening before bed he would take a .75ml dose and each day I saw improvement. Each day the headaches became less and less. Less and less frequently I would get phone calls to come get him. He started being able to complete more and more of his school work again, sitting down on a computer writing a 5 page LitCrit for his AP English, just chugging right along improving bit by bit. Every complaint and issue completely subsiding.
    Yesterday, Dr. Miller cleared Devin to resume all normal academic endeavors, to go ahead and begin light duty training and exercise. Now for precautionary reasons he will stay no-impact until the fall, but everything else is back to normal. All of his tests showing huge improvements in all areas, memory, cognitive abilities, balance, sensitivity, on and on.
    Just SIX weeks after injury.

    I cannot express just how impressed I am with this product and the success we have had with it.

  13. Jasmin T. (verified owner)

    In May my daughter was diagnosed with LGS (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome), a severe form of epilepsy that is hard to control. I started my daughter on PH June 8th. At that time she was having 50 seizures (tonic-clonics, tonics, complex-partials) a day and on 2 AEDs. 6 weeks later (3 dose increases) she became seizure free. Today we are celebrating 12 weeks of seizure freedom and she only has 1 med left. We already weaned one med. Thank you Janel for all that you do and for Palmetto Harmony. God bless you always.

  14. Tammie Meeks (verified owner)

    My son was having seizures do to being sick, the temperature in the air, and due to his polymicrogyria. I gave this a try and he has only had a breakthrough every 3 or 4 months. Much better. Plus it has helped with his severe adhd and autism. Ty! I just wish I could afford it all the time. Ty so much for the cbd oil.

  15. Dana Vaughan

    My 5 year old son Has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. We began the Palmetto Harmony CBD oil and each day continues to be better and better. We’ve seen improvement in so many areas: sleep, concentration, anxiety, tics, communication… i could go on and on…. so grateful i found this product!!

  16. Stacie (verified owner)

    It’s working! My 2 year old son suffers from myoclonic cluster seizures and 2 pharmaceuticals have failed to help him. He has been on PH for just over 3 weeks and is 14 days seizure free! This company is a God-send to us!!! Thank you!!!

  17. Meredith (verified owner)

    This oil is helping me manage systemic inflammation from Lyme disease. Thank you!

  18. theunclefish (verified owner)

    Had a MVA in 1998bee on narcotics since. Since using the oil have been able to cut them in half and still declining! It’s been a god send, use the holy can. Cream also. My activities have increased while the quality of life is so much better. Only regret is I hadn’t started sooner. Thanks PH you’ve made my life mine again even after 30 surgeries. Look foward to each day with a smile. I’ve already gotten 8 people to try CBD with nothing but thanks and praise.

  19. Darryl Simpkins (verified owner)

    I’ve made more changes to myself then just CBD but nothing that I have tried has been this good for my blood pressure and anxiety. This company is 100% legit n this is quality CBD

  20. amozoras (verified owner)

    Great product. It tastes great, like a plant, no harsh chemical flavoring. It is easy to administer and the effects are superb. I use CBD for anxiety and depression and this helps me immensely. I love the fact that I do not have to turn to something that alters my mind such as benzodiazepines or THC. This works subtly, but is also quite noticeable if that makes sense. This allows me to be more myself and live calmly enjoying my day to day life. I do not get any stomach or digestive issues with this oil either. Out of the 4 companies I have tried, this one is my favorite.

  21. Lisa (verified owner)

    I work third shift and have been using cbd to help with sleep. This product ensures me 4-6 hours of deep, heavy sleep. I also rest assured that it is independently lab tested.

  22. Shelly Michael (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product since January of 2018 after trying a sample sized bottle to see how I would react (I had never used CBD oil before and was worried I might have an adverse side effect due to my sensitivity to normal medications).

    Needless to say I say, I saw a decrease in my chronic depression symptoms after 4 1/2 DAYS (yes, you read that right, I said DAYS) once I found the right dose for me (.85mL) . I now take it 2x daily and have seen a vast improvement in my outlook on life.

    I will say that it does not help with my chronic pain like it does with my chronic depression, but I originally tried it because I was at my wits end with my depression and needed to get something to help before I turned down a very dark path with no positive end (I’m a disabled Vet, and the VA has been far less than helpful with my mental health issues).

    I’m Hopeful that at some point I can try something for my Fibro and other chronic pain issues, but at least I can keep my Depression in check with this product, and can not highly recommend it enough to those that I know.

  23. Chris

    I am a professional bodybuilder and deal with varying aches, pains, soreness etc. I have also been dealing with very bad Plantarn Fasciitis. After using CBD oil my pain and issues have greatly decreased my feet feel the best that they have in a long time. I get great sleep as well. I also gave my dad some of the Holy Cannacense for when he deals with restless leg at night and he has told me that it helped and was able to get back to sleep. The staff at Palmetto Harmony have been absolutely wonderful offering great products.

  24. claudia trandafir

    l have a 9 year old girl with Down syndrome.
    Tremendous change on her cognitive and focus.After a very short period of time her teachers noticed a big change in her behavior and school work.l already have friends who bought this product and are very happy .Before l bought it l called to ask questions and the person l talked to was very knowledgeable and extremely nice

    Amazing .Thank you so much for changing her life and mine

  25. puppygrl52 (verified owner)

    I would love to give a detailed review but I’m afraid that without the ability of posting before and after photos my review will be very hard to believe. I will only say that I started using CBD hemp oil for my dog who was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer back in October 2018, here we are July 2019 and my dog is still with us and the 8X8 cm tumor is gone! If there is anyway to post photos please let me know. I would love to share! Thank you Palmetto Harmony for a great product!

  26. Jamie Walden (verified owner)

    My daughter has intractable epilepsy. She was on 6 AEDs and continued to have multiple seizures daily. She was on hospice. She is now on 2 seizure drugs and Palmetto Harmony oil while titrating off another med with drastic reduction in seizures. She has a huge improvement of quality of life and is off of hospice. She has stabilized in her health. I am forever grateful.

  27. khehnke (verified owner)

    Always fast, reliable, and no issues. And the product itself – we use for our epileptic dog, and it was life changing for him. We were at the end of our rope with vet-prescribed meds, and discovered this on our own. Best move we ever made, and I recommend this product to everyone whose dogs have health concerns.

  28. hmuno007

    Hi, my name is Hayley and I turned 21 on March 25,2020. I’ve been a loyal customer to palmetto Harmony for about 2 years now. I couldn’t be any more grateful to this company for helping me out of my depression and the horrible panic attacks I dealt with in a daily basis. After I was getting better with my depression, I got sick out of nowhere and had to go to the doctor. It came to the result I had rheumatoid arthritis zero negative. As a fact, I was able to purchase a large bottle to help me with my extreme joint pain and inflammation. I was getting better, although I had flare ups. My hands would get swollen And red I couldn’t close them it’s awful. I had to go on methotrexate which is a chemotherapy drug and treatment used for patients with mild to serve rheumatoid arthritis. I dealt with hair fall out, nausea and vomiting. It was hard, day by day I felt like I was wasting away I had no energy. But this cbd helped with my nausea and stomach pain from the medication, I wouldn’t vomit as usual and I was able to hold down my food. This company really does saves lives and I recommend everyone to try it, I know it’s a bit pricey but trust me it’s all worth it what your paying for is Authentic. If I could personally shake the hand or give a hug to the owner of this company I would do it in a heartbeat I’ve never felt such motivation to want to keep going and get through things. I’ve recommended family and friends to try you guys out because they were once in my shoes in a place of need, I know cbd helped me so I needed to tell them it could help them to, thank you guys so much!

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