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Lyme Disease and Palmetto Harmony: Scott’s Story

Lyme Disease and Palmetto Harmony: Scott's Story

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is the most common tick borne illness in the US. It is caused by a bacteria which is very hard for our immune system to detect and fight. It is only caused by a certain species of ticks. This species is most prevalent in the northern states, but the range of Lyme is expanding. Also, many who get Lyme disease do not know they have it. Many do not notice they were bitten by a tick and find out years later.


The first stages of the disease look like a bad case of the flu. Therefore, if the person does not know they were bitten the doctor may not recognize the disease for what it is. If it is not caught in the first stages of the disease it can progress. As a result, debilitating physical and neurological symptoms can occur. Of course these symptoms can continue despite antibiotic treatment if the disease has progressed for too long. (1)

Prevention and Treatment of Lyme

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) “Most cases of Lyme disease can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics. Steps to prevent Lyme disease include using insect repellent, removing ticks promptly, applying pesticides, and reducing tick habitat”(2) In addition, always wear bug spray also works against ticks. Not to mention checking yourself or having a friend check hard to reach areas. If you notice flu-like symptoms shortly after you get a tick bite, make sure you go to the doctor and tell them you were bitten by a tick.

Scott's Story

Scott’s story is an example of what can happen when Lyme disease progresses into later stages. This is an account of what Palmetto Harmony can potentially do for someone who has late stage Lyme disease.  When I first met Scott, he walked into the Palmetto Harmony offices desperate for anything that might give him some relief from his Lyme’s symptoms. “I thought I was dying” he says. “I had joint pain, brain fog, anxiety and other neurological issues. I’d tried other holistic vitamins and minerals for Lyme’s, but they had no effect. My home healthcare nurse recommended I try Palmetto Harmony.”


Palmetto Harmony First Impression

Scott came to our facility and talked with me about what products he could use. He was feeling so awful that I let him try our Aura vape with the demo unit. The results were almost instantaneous. He looked at me incredulously. “Is this real?” He said “I’m actually feeling better already!”. I could visibly notice a difference in his demeanor, he looked much more relaxed. Scott had been suffering from anxiety brought on by Lyme disease.

Scott's Improvement


Scott has now been using Palmetto Harmony products for almost ten months. He claims that within three days he saw results and was feeling much better. “Although I still have my long term symptoms, my acute symptoms are all gone thanks to Palmetto Harmony. I’ve seen slow and steady improvement in my joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and other neurological issues. My tremors are now gone!”  He says he tried a self experiment to see what the Palmetto Harmony oil was doing as well. After not taking the Palmetto Harmony oil for 3 days Scott felt his symptoms return.  “I still have issues once in a while depending on my immune system, but overall my health is substantially better and much improved! I will not stop taking Palmetto Harmony. Hopefully, in the long term, I can eradicate all my Lyme symptoms.”

1 thought on “Lyme Disease and Palmetto Harmony: Scott’s Story”

  1. My acupuncturist gave me some oil to try. I quickly found myself sleeping deeply for the first time in years and joint pain almost gone. I didn’t really think the oil was the cause so I quit taking it for a few days. All my symptoms returned and within a day or two of taking it again pain is going and I am sleeping again. I have long term chronic lyme and am now a believer in PH benefits. Thank you!

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