Fighting Lissencephaly: Harmony’s Story


Fighting Lissencephaly In 2009, my third child Harmony was born. Within six months, a neurologist diagnosed Harmony with a rare genetic condition called Lissencephaly. Also known as “smooth brain,” because the last layer of her brain did not fully develop. This severe brain malformation causes intractable epilepsy. As a result, Harmony’s seizures cannot be controlled […]

FAQ: Can Palmetto Harmony Make You Fail a Drug Test?

cbd drug test

CBD Drug Test “Can I fail a drug test on CBD?” “Should I worry about the results of a CBD drug test?” Palmetto Harmony produces CBD oil, a product that could potentially make you fail a drug test. Here at Palmetto Harmony we make no claims that you will pass a urine test without an incident. […]

Most frequently asked question: Is Palmetto Harmony legal?

most frequently asked question palmetto harmony legal

FAQ Is Palmetto Harmony legal? Linked below are key legislation pieces and a ninth circuit court case that was ruled on in 2004. The court case proves that hemp and any naturally occurring derivative of hemp THC or CBD is NOT a schedule 1 drug. It is also not a part of the Controlled Substance […]