Organic Matters To Us

Organic Matters To Us

No Chemicals

Here at Palmetto Harmony we do not believe in using chemicals in any of our practices, organic matters to us! From the time our seeds are popped into their seedling trays, till the final product hits the shelf, no chemicals or harmful agents come in contact with any Palmetto Harmony plants, materials, or products. We strive to protect the environment like we care for our loved ones. We know that part of that protection comes from all organic practices.

Our Products

You can feel comfortable in knowing that our products are the cleanest and safest available on the market today. Before we ship out any Palmetto Harmony products each batch goes through a rigorous testing procedure. We test for not only potency but microbiological contamination, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, residual solvents and terpenes. We only use an ISO accredited lab to do our testing which ensures that the lab has the highest of standards.

Lab Test

We provide these full labs upon your request. Feel free to send your batch number located on the bottle to [email protected] with a request for the full lab and we will be happy to send you the full documentation on your batch. Rest assured, we care about organic as much as you do!

Join Us!

So yes, organic matters not only you but us here at Palmetto Harmony as well! Palmetto Harmony wants you to enjoy our safe, organic products and improve your quality of life. Join our PH family and sign up for our newsletter to receive information on new products and information. Thank you!

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