Pre-Filled Vape Pen Instructional Video and FAQ

Palmetto Harmony Ceramic Coil Pre-filled Vape Pen

We are excited to announce the release of our new ceramic coil vape device. With the release of this new product, a number of questions have risen from our customer base. We created this instructional video and FAQ post to help alleviate any concerns you might have. If you have further questions, please feel free to call the office or comment below and those questions will be addressed. Check out the device at the following link.

Instructional Video



How long does the vape pen last?:

The battery portion of the pen can be recharged and reused for a long time. The only part of the pen that will need to be replaced is the cartridge which is the upper portion of the pen. The lifespan of the cartridge depends entirely on frequency of use but will need to be replaced generally every 2 weeks. Pre-filled replacement cartridges are sold in our shop.


Why is the light on my pen blinking when I press the button?:

This means the battery is dead or close to dying. Just attach it to the USB device included and plug it into a USB wall charging device or computer.


How long does it take to charge the battery?:

The battery normally requires less than thirty minutes to be fully charged.


How long does the battery last?:

This depends entirely on frequency of use, but generally the battery lasts for over 24 hours with light use and even longer when used for rescue purposes only.


How do I turn on/off the device?:

When the vape is off, pressing the button 5 times quickly will turn on the device. To turn off the device, repeat the same process while the vape is on the high power setting.


How do I change the power setting?:

After the device is on, press the button 5 times quickly to toggle through the power settings. When the light glows red, this means the vape is on the lowest setting which uses less oil and creates less heat which produces a low amount of vapor. Purple is the medium setting which creates slightly more vapor while using slightly more oil. Finally, blue is the highest setting which creates the most vapor, burns the hottest, but uses the most oil.


How do I adjust the air flow of the device?:

The silver ring on the cartridge located just above the grid pattern controls airflow. There are four different levels of airflow dictated by the size of the hole the airflow ring is currently set to (the larger the hole, the more airflow). The airflow ring will snap into place over each hole as it is turned. Be sure to hold the cartridge by the grid pattern while adjusting airflow to avoid accidentally unscrewing the cartridge from the battery.


When the device is fired, why is there little to no vapor being produced?:

Check the airflow to make sure the ring is aligned to one of the airflow holes. See the previous question for more info.

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