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Hemp CBD and Calendula work together in harmony in our Heal CBD Balm (Formerly Psorian Cream). This gentle blend of CBD, Calendula, shea butter, herbs and essential oils is designed for topical relief, wherever you may need it. Made with only natural and organic ingredients, Heal is 100% synthetic fragrance-free, only taking on the aroma of its natural and pure ingredients. 


  • 300mg of organic Hemp CBD per 2oz jar
  • We grow, extract, produce, package, and ship 100% of our products
  • Made in South Carolina, USA
  • USDA Certified Organic   Certified Glyphosate Residue-Free
  • Made with Full Spectrum hemp and no isolates 
  • NO artificial fragrances or additives
  • Lab results available

Ingredients: Organic shea butter, Organic MCT oil (coconut) and organic hemp (flower), Organic yellow beeswax, Organic comfrey root, Organic marshmallow root, Organic gotu kola, Organic calendula flower, Organic calendula and organic sunflower seed oil, Organic lavender oil

For Optimal Results:

Apply directly to skin

Use as needed as many times as needed 

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and in a location that is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below

  • High heat can change the consistency of the product, causing it to liquefy
  • If the product begins to liquefy, place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or overnight
  • Please note: some melting may occur during the shipping process in high-heat summer months

We’re here for you

Our customer support team offers free consultations. Please call (843) 331-1246 to speak to our customer support team with any questions or for recommended dosing information.

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Organic shea butter, Organic MCT oil (coconut) and organic hemp (flower), Organic yellow beeswax, Organic comfrey root, Organic marshmallow root, Organic gotu kola, Organic calendula flower, Organic calendula and organic sunflower seed oil, Organic lavender oil

8 reviews for Harmony Heal CBD Balm

  1. Jeannette Cohen

    Thank you so much for your psorian cream. I have finally found a product that has healed my plaque psoriasis. I have been using this product for one month. The thick flacky patches with deep fissures are almost completely healed! Within the first two days of use(applying 3 x day), I noticed my skin no longer felt like thousands of paper cuts. The pain was gone! Therefore, I highly recommend this product to psoriasis sufferers.

  2. Cheryl

    I have had many skin eruptions over the years which left discolored areas. After using this cream, they began to fade. Also scabs that just did not completely resolve are now falling off.

  3. Molly (verified owner)

    I have tried countless products and treatments over the last several years while battling moderate to severe psoriasis. I’m trying everything I can before having to submit to daily medication for the foreseeable future that could compromise my immune system. I have been using this for just over a month and so far it has been a miracle for me. I love the way it instantly soothes my skin if I’m in pain! That alone is a huge step, but it also helps overnight with breakouts with the same effectiveness as a topical steroid. I truly love this product and thank this lovely family from the bottom of my heart for creating something that actually HELPS without any side effects. I will recommend psorian to anyone who will listen!

  4. Allison (verified owner)

    I can’t possibly overstate this. I was having to wear silicone heel protectors and now I’m FREE! I tried everything. Even prescriptions. They did nothing compared to this!

  5. Megan

    My fiance just started using this product. It honestly has been a miracle for him. He has been on numerous prescription drugs for psoriasis. In 2 days this cream did more than any of them ever have! It also has a very nice smell to it, which most creams for psoriasis does not!

  6. David Rosenthal (verified owner)

    I bought this for my mother-in-law in August 2019 who suffers horribly from psoriasis. After 5 months of use I must say that this has been a miracle treatment for her. A lot of flare up has disappeared since using this cream as a treatment. We highly recommend this product for sufferers of psoriasis.

  7. Peter

    This is the best topical cream I have found for my pustular psoriasis. I am returning to buy another jar. I apply it, the scabs come off, the pain is gone. It’s consistent in taming the psoriasis patches. You can tell when using it, that it’s a healthy solution.

  8. HB

    I bought this from a local CBD shop as they recommended it for my KP. I have tried EVERYTHING, products specifically for KP, Rx, etc., so I was doubtful. Other products have made my skin softer, but never gotten rid of any discoloration or bumps. This made my red patches & white bumps (“chicken skin” as it’s commonly called” disappear. I honestly could not believe it. I have not seen my arms clear like this since I was probably in 2nd grade. I recommend this to anyone with skin issues. This stuff is amazing!!!

    I do have a question – my kids both have KP like me – is it okay to use on them? I’m assuming it is but wanted to ask just incase. Also I would love to see this company make some hair products – my scalp would be so thankful! Thank you for making such great products!

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