Palmetto Harmony Closed in Preparation for Hurricane Durian

Hurricane Dorian is on the move! Palmetto Harmony plans to remain open today, and will be open tomorrow September 4th until 2 pm EST. We will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the storm and the safety of our employees.

Currently, FedEx and USPS are still operating in our area, if you have placed an order over the weekend and through 3 pm today, will be sent out as well. All orders up to 2 pm Wednesday, September 4th will be processed. However, with the storm, we cannot guarantee a timely delivery as usual.

PH family, if you are thinking of ordering any of our products this week, I would strongly urge you to order today and tomorrow morning so we can assist you with getting those products out. If you wait until 2 pm Wednesday through the rest of the week your order will not be processed or shipped out until the following week.

If the storm does change paths and will not affect us, we will process orders on Friday, September 6th of 2019.

If you have any questions email: [email protected] We will do our best to answer emails when possible during the storm.

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