The US Hemp Authority Certification – No Thank You

People are going to hear about a “certification” program through the US Hemp Authority. Please understand Palmetto Harmony will not sign onto that certification program until it is fixed! There are several issues with the program and we signed onto an open letter to them two weeks ago. You can click HERE to see the letter that we as a company signed onto along with several other reputable brands.

This seal does not require any notice of GMO’s, does not require organic practices, does not require them to put a country of origin of where their hemp is grown and manufactured, and worst of all even allows for certification of synthetic cannabinoids. What it does do is put unreasonable requirements on US farmers. And the program is very expensive (more so than USDA organic certification which we are in the midst of now!) 

Also to note a tremendous amount of their first round verifiers are board members of the US Hemp Roundtable, who were the original funders of this certification program and steered its requirements. (Which still remains to be seen what is really being certified?). A voting member board seat on the Round Table is 25k a year. So this program, in my opinion, is based off pay to play. Some of these companies are using GMO’s and have had real issues with transparency and now will use this seal to continue to avoid transparency.

That being said our open letter went out to them last week again please click HERE to read. And we have a meeting with the authority on Monday in Anaheim to address these issues. We will not approve nor participate in this program until it is a true certification seal that actually protects consumers and does not give them a “false sense of security”! If the program gets fixed and a 2.0 version is released then we will consider participation.

Please do not fall for this!! This is another play for these big companies to choke out the little guy. We will see a push on social media in the coming months that will try to get people to only purchase products with this seal and that makes them safe and legal? But understand that it does not certify organic, non-synthetic cannabinoids, non-GMO’s, basically all the items we look for as consumers for ourselves and our loved ones.

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