Harmony Aura Vape Oil (15ml)

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Our Harmony Aura Vape Oil (formerly Palmetto Aura Vape Oil) is our classic, unflavored, pure, organic, and simple CBD vape oil. Made with only two ingredients, vegetable glycerin (VG) and hemp CBD, this organic extract contains a full-spectrum terpene profile. Made for use with a sub-ohm vape device.


  • 150mg of Hemp CBD per bottle, 10mg of Hemp CBD per ml
  • No propylene glycol (PG)
  • We grow, extract, produce, package, and ship 100% of our products
  • Made in South Carolina, USA
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Certified Glyphosate Residue-Free
  • Made with Full Spectrum hemp and no isolates 
  • NO artificial flavorings or additives
  • Lab results available

Ingredients: Organic glycerin and Organic hemp flower extract

For Optimal Results:

Fill your favorite sub-ohm vape device with Harmony Aura and enjoy all-natural hemp CBD. Best if used with a fresh coil and cotton. The wicking process may take longer than normal as Harmony Aura is very viscous, having a VG/PG ratio of 100/0.
For people who would rather not have to deal with complicated vaping devices, we offer prefilled vape devices and pre-filled vape cartridges. These products are pre-filled with Harmony Aura so you do not need to purchase a bottle of Harmony Aura. 

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Organic glycerin, Organic hemp crude oil (made from flower)

13 reviews for Harmony Aura Vape Oil (15ml)

  1. Frank

    I have myoclonus/dystonia, and I struggle with this everyday. I have been on Klonopin, Baclofen, Keppra and Zanaflex. I am a firm believer in natural medicine, so when I started reading about the many positive effects it helps with the body and the neurological aspect I decided to try. It has actually helped my condition more than any medication I have been prescribed. It is honestly great to take something natural with no side affects but instead give positive ones. This will be a permanent product in my home.

  2. Happy Customer

    I have endometriosis, PCOS, chronic back pain, PFD, anxiety, and tachycardia to name a few. CBD has helped me feel more relaxed so I can cope with my pain. It gives me a sense of calm and tastes wonderful. My only complaint is that there isn’t a higher mg CBD as an option. Thanks for doing what you do! Hoping SC will see the potential in CBD and medicinal marijuana.

  3. Lauren C

    I have nerve and hip pain. Doctors give me a shot it has no affect. Two days later I give this product a try and I have no pain at all. It’s been a great help.

  4. Nate Bullman

    I live in a state and area where CBD isn’t really available and known, so my brother sent me a bottle of Aura for me to try. So after a long shift at work I finally cracked it open to see what it was all about and almost instantly my soreness from 8 hours on my feet started to dissipate, I felt relaxed and over all just well. I’ve heard great things about what CBD can do for people who suffer ailments, and that’s awesome, but tonight I discovered CBD has something for everyone. It’s still early but I feel like I can replace and cabinet full of pills with some sweet bottles of Palmetto Harmony. Thank you for what you do.

  5. Jasmine

    How many milligrams of CBD does this tincture consist of.

  6. Amanda

    This is the best CBD vape I have tried! I have Complex PTSD and use this to help relieve my symptoms. It’s wonderful!!

  7. Julie

    I purchased Palmetto Aura for a loved one’s seizures, and it often helps, but it is not 100%.
    Out of desperation, I decided to try it myself for my restless leg syndrome, which had been flaring up severely. It has been amazing. If I remember to take it before falling asleep I believe I have had no issues at all. On the nights I forget, I use it immediately upon waking and my legs calm within a few minutes.
    I am so thankful for Palmetto Harmony products!

  8. Oscar

    I just purchased this product yesterday. I’ve never smoked or vaped but I was looking for a pure cbd oil without PG…just pure cbd and vg. I must say…I got kind of “pull happy” and took 4 pulls and IMMEDIATELY was lifted! The product is very potent and I’m looking forward to the many benefits of it

  9. Kirstie Tittensor

    I purchased 15ml of palmetto Harmony vape oil 3 times now after trying numerous other products from other companies after much research I stumbled across palmetto Harmony. WOW! AMAZING & I certainly learnt a valuable lesson…Research Research Research as there are a lot of companies who have jumped on the band wagon with little thought for the user. I suffer from CRPS type 2 I have an incurable spinal disease and currently been having treatment for a cancerous tumour. The pain I suffer is horrendous or should I say was.. .the past 10 weeks of using your oil has enabled me to come off 80% of prescribed chemical meds my pain has reduced massively & most important my tumour shrank faster than any of my doctors anticipated enabling me to have less radiotherapy in fact over half the amount I was scheduled to have. Whilst buying your oil from the UK is costly & I struggle with the cost… the benefits far out way the cost therefore I will continue to buy this oil as often as I can. The relief is unbelievable & I’m so grateful to of found your amazing product. THANK you from the bottom of my heart

  10. Tyler

    I was in a accident and had to have an emergency craniotomy to fix a subdural hematoma. Since my surgery I develop severe headaches when the weather changes which happens frequently where I live. I was given a bottle of Palmetto Aura Vape Oil by a friends mom and it has worked amazing to relieve the headaches as well as everyday aches and pains I get from riding and showing horses. My vape is something I never leave home without.

  11. Amanda Barnes

    Can someone please tell me what oil to get for chronic migraines and mg?!! I have the aura oil already.

  12. Jeffrey Dunlap

    Your reviews are great. my brother gave me the rest of his bottle of 15ml,OCD, anxiety, GONE!need more.

  13. Natalie

    Wonderful product for my anxiety, ptsd, sleep problems and hes also helped with my muscle tightness and pain. I use this along with accupuncture treatments. I have to say I’m glad to finally find something that helps.

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