First Vertically Integrated CBD Company to Be Certified Organic

We are thrilled to announce that we are the first vertically integrated CBD organization to have flower and viable seed Certified Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture! The Palmetto Harmony grow, manufacturing and product line is now all Certified Organic through the USDA. Soil fertility and crop nutrients are managed through tillage and cultivation practices, crop rotations and cover crops.  It is also supplemented with worm castings which introduce uncountable numbers of beneficial microbes and bacteria into the soil, aid in plant nutrient absorption and act as a super food for our plants. Our crop pests, weeds, and diseases are controlled primarily through management practices including physical, mechanical, and biological controls such as ladybugs, pirate bugs and praying mantes. Nematodes are used within the soil system to enhance nutrient mineralization as well as to act as biological control agents. The use of genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is prohibited in organic products.


Palmetto Harmony was borne of a mother’s desire to alleviate her child’s debilitating seizures. Pharmaceuticals had failed Janel Ralph’s daughter Harmony, as had impure hemp-derived cannabidiol products. She founded Palmetto Synergistic Research in 2015 and created the Palmetto Harmony product line. We began sourcing federally compliant hemp flowers, no stalks or stems, from Kentucky to produce a super charged full spectrum cannabidiol oil. Palmetto Harmony drove the narrative to require third-party lab tests by an ISO certified lab due to Janel’s struggle to find a safe, tested product for Harmony. Today, we have the most rigorous testing protocol in the industry and utilize all South Carolina grown organic hemp, selectively bred seed and flower to create our full spectrum hemp extract.


In 2017, with Janel as a driving force behind the legalization of hemp cultivation in South Carolina, Harmony’s father and siblings joined the team at Palmetto Synergistic Research to bring Palmetto Harmony home completely, controlling its production process from seed to sale in South Carolina. Palmetto Harmony has now become the most trusted brand in the CBD space while at the same time, protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only organic approved substances. Our unmatched product quality is powered purely by USDA Certified Organic hemp flower and viable seed.

CLICK HERE to view the certification documents.

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