Fighting Lissencephally: Harmony’s Story



Fighting Lissencephally

In 2009 my third child Harmony, was born. However, 6 months later was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Lissencephally. This condition is also known as smooth brain. It is called this because the last layer of her brain did not fully develop. This severe brain malformation causes what is known as intractable epilepsy. Harmony’s seizures cannot be controlled by pharmaceuticals. Harmony had failures with five different Anti Epileptic Drugs. After this, looking for an alternative option was imperative.

Diving into Hemp

Meanwhile, in the first several months of diving into the hemp industry, a lot was learned.  Most available hemp products were not anything you would give to your child. Many companies who produced hemp were mislabeled. These products were not even fit for human consumption. This was frustrating and I knew something needed to be done. My goal was to get a consistent tested reputable product to my child. It was then that I decided I would enter into this industry. I knew that I would need help of parents with special children like my own. Furthermore, Palmetto Harmony was born.

Quality of Life

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and legal hemp product for anyone who needs it. Therefore, my daughter is now able to have a quality of life that had once been taken away from her. Together, with Palmetto Harmony you are also able to provide that quality of life for your child. Harmony’s quality of life was taken away by seizures and pharmaceuticals. Today, Harmony has come a long way. From hundreds of seizures a day to a 90% seizure reduction. As well as many harmful pharmaceuticals to an 80% pharmaceutical reduction. Overall, Palmetto Harmony has saved my child’s life. Palmetto Harmony has brought back the hope we had run out of with modern medicine.

Pharmaceuticals VS Palmetto Harmony

Below, Harmony’s daily dose of pharmaceuticals are attached. The first picture is before Palmetto Harmony. The second picture is after Palmetto Harmony. Her daily dose is laid out for each drug along with her current regiment of drugs. 1 ML a day of Palmetto Harmony is also included. This is truly about quality of life, and not allowing Lissencephally to dictate Harmony’s life. To sum up, thanks to our products, Harmony now has a quality of life up to our standards.

You Can Too!

Lastly, if you have any questions about any products please contact our office Mon-Fri, 9-5 EST. Palmetto Harmony wants you to find the quality of life you’ve been searching for. We have a wide variety of products that you may find useful. Thank you for being a member of our PH family and if you haven’t joined us, please do!

Pharmaceuticals Harmony Took Before With NO Seizure Control


Pharmaceuticals Harmony Takes Now With 1 ML of Palmetto Harmony 90% Reduction of Seizures


2 thoughts on “Fighting Lissencephally: Harmony’s Story

  1. Marie says:

    Your story brings tears to my eyes, my oldest son was born with lissencephaly, he was the sweetest boy. I wish I would have known about this company. He was on seizure meds from about 5 months to 41/2 years old. Those seizures were aweful and made his quality of life not so good. He was the sweetest happy boy, and an angel in our home. I have had 4 healthy children since then and had our sixth little angel on July 1st 2016. She was diagnosed with polymicrogyri/lissencephaly I am hopeful that her quality of life can be better with the knowledge of CBD oil. She had her first seizure when she was 5 months old and neurologist wanted to start her on phenobarbital, but since we have been down that road we are trying to avaoid meds as much as possible. We came across Charlotte’s Web and have been using that, although she still has the infantile spasms while using it. So my question is, how does yours compare to the Charlotte’s Web? Have you had people switch of to yours from that and notice a better outcome with yours? I would love to talk to you more.

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