Now Introducing Victory Hemp Food Products

Super Foods

A super food is defined as ‘a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being’. Hemp food is considered to be a super food. We now have added two different kinds of these hemp super foods from a company out of Kentucky called Victory Hemp Foods. This company was established directly after the 2014 farm bill which allowed farmers to once again grow hemp crops in order to produce these new products. Before, the market was predominately run by foreign companies, but we are proud to have these products produced and distributed right in the U.S.A.


Hemp Proteins

In the past several decades, the fitness industry has exploded into mainstream products with protein powder based shake drinks as a regular and daily source of nutrients and minerals. Supplements are in themselves a huge market in the modern-day fitness world. Since Hemp is naturally high in protein and muscle recovering amino acids, a hemp protein powder only makes sense to add into a fitness healthy lifestyle. Our Hemp Protein powder is 50% protein, arguably the most complete vegetable based protein in the world. It is a better, more natural, and far superior protein powder that can be an excellent replacement to traditional artificial based protein powders. Also containing the 9 essential amino acids that help in muscle recovery after a hard workout.



Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are simply the raw shelled seeds that come from the hemp plant. In the nutrition world, seeds are becoming more popular with products such as flax seeds, quinoa, sesame seeds, etc. The hemp seed is also included in these super food seeds, and are arguably the most impressive and nutritious of all these seeds. They are high in protein, with 30% and contain 20 amino acids, including 9 amino acids the human body cannot naturally produce. The digestive properties of the seed help heal and regulate the colon because of the high 10-15% fiber it contains. The high level of magnesium helps regulate muscle and nerve function, and blood sugar and blood pressure as well. Adding just a small serving into a morning smoothie can give you the health benefits that would have taken a multitude of other products in your diet.

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