Palmetto Harmony EEG Study

Hey to all of y’all out there in the Palmetto Harmony family! As promised, here is the first post to kick off our science series here at PH. There has been a huge influx of information regarding hemp and CBD lately, especially in the scientific community. As we learn more about CBD and its neurological benefits, we are able to provide more accurate dosing regimins for people using CBD. The BrainBot is a brain-scanning device which uses visual EEG technology. It is developed by tech startup PotBotics, enables physicians to pick a marijuana strain that is most suited for their patients’ needs.

In the video, you see a physician who is asking a migraine patient to inhale some Palmetto Aura. This is done while the EEG leads are attached in order to observe the physiological effects the Palmetto Aura is having on different brainwave frequencies. As the doctor explains in the video, the Palmetto Aura helps to limit the “vasospasm” or arterial spasm which can lead to constricted blood flow and chronic migraines.

CBD has is a known vasorelaxant meaning it relaxes the veins. This can not only help with migraines as we can see in the video, but it can also help to treat the hardening of the veins or “atherosclerosis” often seen in people with high cholesterol.  Shedding light on the medicinal properties of CBD and Palmetto Harmony products with scientific tools is just beginning, but it will assist doctors and pharmacists worldwide in figuring out more specific and individualized dosing regimens for patients depending on the desired effects. Despite having a history of use over thousands of years, hemp and marijuana are just beginning to be fully understood by medical society.  This stage is likely only the tip of the iceberg for medicinal hemp and marijuana nationwide as more and more doctors are recognizing the outstanding health benefits of this remarkable plant.

3 thoughts on “Palmetto Harmony EEG Study

  1. Swift says:

    Thats pretty cool. I kinda wish I could see my own results on that machine. I have migraines also. Actually my last migraine that I had was with a 48hr aura and put me in the hospital, sent me into an autism overload banging my head on the bed, and is what pushed me to need to try something else. I really need something to work. Anyway, Cannabis is also legal here for rec and medical uses. I’ve thought about getting a card for medical but just like this video explains, have no idea what strain would work best for me. I’ve only tried a couple. And Ive found a little help with just CBD but really think the THC would also benefit me. I have multiple disorders that I think would all benefit from whole plant- Autism, PTSD, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Motion Sickness, Nausea, Memory, Chronic Anxiety, Asthma, Cerebral Pineal Gland Cyst(?), Ganglieon Cysts, etc.

    Just so many things and pharmasuticals can only do so much. But Its getting to the point Im going crazy just trying to function enough to keep my apartment clean or get groceries. Im really looking to find something to really help further what little releif I have got between my now 15 medications and suppliments.

    Plus my Service Dog, CPAP, and other medical equipment.

    Its all so overwhelming sometimes. And energy, time, and money consuming to find the best combinations of medical support work best for me.

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