Congratulations to our winner Kelly Flemming ! Kelly, you have won a FREE 60 count bottle of our fantastic Palmetto Harmony Spectrum capsules. Look for that in your mailbox in the next 2-4 business days! Thank you to everyone of the 250 who entered our contest. We will have another drawing soon so check your emails! To everyone who has not signed up for our email newsletter. Please sign up to be notified of our next giveaway! You will also receive exciting updates and notifications about new products here at Palmetto Harmony.

We have some exciting new things on the horizon here as always. To all of you who did subscribe to the newsletter, stay tuned! We also will be getting more into the science of hemp in a big way! We plan to launch a scientific research database soon to keep a record of how everyone is using our products.  We also plan to do an “Ask Me Anything” on reddit in the next few weeks. This post will allow everyone who is curious about our company a chance to get an inside look at us.

We are so thankful to have such amazing people using our products, thank you to everyone of you in the PH family! We love you! As you know, here at Palmetto Harmony we strive to bring a level of expertise and customer care not seen anywhere else in the industry. Remember that we are here for you if you ever need help. Whenever you need any assistance with our products, please do not hesitate to e-mail us or call the office at (843) 331-1246.

From Kelly: “Thank you so much! You guys have been great with customer service! I just started a week ago so I am excited to see what my results will be.”

One thought on “WE HAVE A WINNER!

  1. Samuel Bennett says:

    My wife had been using your oral CBD for two weeks now. It’s been a fantastic product to her. She has less headaches and doesn’t use as much BC powders like she use to ,since she’s been taking your CBD oil. I’m a true believer of CBD

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