Palmetto Harmony vape tutorial video

How to Use Your Palmetto Harmony Custom Vape Kit

Hey Palmetto Harmony family, This is Connor here to help advise y’all on how to use our custom Vape kit. I cover most everything in the video, but just in case here is a breakdown of what I go over.

1) How to fill the tank:

You will want a tissue, handkerchief or paper towel handy before you begin. First, you need to remove the tank from the “box” or battery portion by unscrewing it. Once you have done that, unscrew the bottom portion of the tank by gripping the grooves it will unscrew. For the first usage and with each atomizer replacement, you will need to place 2 drops in the hexagonal piece (the “atomizer” or “coil”) to prime it. I will discuss the atomizer later in detail.

You fill the tank by dripping the Palmetto Aura down the side of the glass portion. Avoid the center stem. It takes about 3 full droppers of the small and 2 full droppers of the large PA to fill it up. Finish filling the top portion of the tank and priming the bottom. Make sure the coil is snug (not too tight) in the bottom of the tank before screwing the tank back together. You can now screw the tank back on the box. Make sure your box is on and up to at least 24 watts before vaping but then you are all set to go! I will explain how to adjust wattage in the next step.

2) How to adjust the amount of vapor:

For your first usage, the vape should be OFF. The display will light up when plugged in. To turn your vape ON you will need to hit the square button on the side of the box 5 times FAST. When in standby mode, the vape will not be on UNLESS one of the buttons is hit. It will not VAPE unless the square button is held down. Touching the up and down arrows on the side of the box will adjust the temperature of vaporization. The wattage correlates to ~280-360 °F = ideal to decarboxylate or essentially “pre-metabolize” the CBD and CBDA. This improves its bio-availability about 2-3 fold.

The higher the wattage, the more vapor produced in essence. Ideally, you will take 5-8 second inhales (the seconds will count up on your unit as long as the square button is held). You will want to hold in the vapor for around 30 seconds after inhaling for maximum efficacy. I will discuss how to switch between voltage (“V”) and wattage (“W”) in step 4. Additionally, you can adjust the airflow of your tank by moving the metal ring right above the grooved portion of the bottom of the tank. More airflow can cool off the vapor some before inhalation, however be aware this also produces more vapor. For first time users I recommend keeping the airflow half open or less.

3) How and when to replace the coil:

You should replace coils once a week to once a month depending on your level of usage. In order to change the coil or determine if you should, you will unscrew the tank as explained in step one, removing the bottom portion of the tank. The hexagonal coil piece should come away with the bottom. If the forked piece comes away too you may need to remove this using a pair of pliers. Although this can happen it is not typical. Once you have done this, you can inspect the inside of the coil through the hole in the center.

If you notice a dark brown or black color, it is time to replace the coil. Replacement coils are $5 each, order over the phone (843 331 1246). The coil replacement is simple and just requires you to unscrew the atomizer using your fingers. You may need pliers if it is too tight. You do NOT need to screw the coil in with pliers as if it is too tight it will damage the unit. Once you remove the coil, the new coil is screws back in the same way. The coil must then be primed using 2 drops of PA as mentioned in step one.

4) How to change your unit from voltage to wattage mode and what voltage is needed:

Once your unit is in standby mode, switch from V to W mode.  To do this, press the square button three times FAST. V or W will always reflect in a small number on the display despite which mode is active. We recommend wattage mode. The voltage raises along with the wattage automatically on the display so there is no need to adjust both. We recommend to vape at 24-30 watts. Our units do not exceed 30 watts which is the maximum recommended temperature for CBD. Our units also automatically shut off after a 10 second inhale.

I hope this was helpful and informative enough to get everyone started with the Palmetto Harmony vape! Any further questions or for detailed dosing instructions please contact the office at 843 331 1246 and ask for Connor.Thank you all so much for the love and support!

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